Marko at the Net, Chapter 2

In his first game back after a month off due to tendonitis, Marko and his partner Murvin go down 3-5 and things are not looking very turn-aroun-y AND YET they pull off the comeback to win 6-5.

Yessssssss! Murvin can’t be much more than five-six so it is all the more powerful a statement when his serve comes across like a command from God. Marko fires off some aces too. Passersby had commentated that this looked like a set, them against one heavy hitter and one graceful athlete — but when it was 3-5, it looked like wipe-out.

What made the difference?

I don’t know. Not giving up? Let’s credit not giving up. Marko broke his game down for his wife later: “I think a lot of it is baffling. There are some smart shots in there sometimes, and the hard first serve helps establish some authority. But a lot of it has to do with mojo, and I think Doc Jones would back me up on this. He was always talking about there being activity on the ball you can’t necessarily see.”

His wife hmmmmm’d at this. It made sense to Marko, though. He is not going to win sets because of sheer brute force, huh-uh. Smartness, maybe sometimes. Not always. There were a few shots in this set, for example, which we need not detail except to say Murvin did turn to him — and Murvin is a taciturn fellow — Murvin turned and said, “What were you thinking right there? I’m not judging, I’m just curious.”

“Me too,” Marko agreed. “We would have to peel away a lot of onion to get to the real-real on that one.” Best to just play the next point. Which they did. Down 3-5, storming back 6-5 and Marko’s shoulder feels fine. Hooray!

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