Marko at the Net, Chapter 8

Flush it, Marko.

Flush it.

This is what he says to himself about yesterday’s doubles match. It’s what he hears relief pitchers in baseball tell themselves after a bad outing.

I have to admit that flushing it sounds like a great idea! Especially when Marko had such a splendid time going right back out and playing this morning at his home courts at Stairway Hills Park in unincorporated LA County just south of Slauson near Inglewood.

Heck yeah! I don’t think Marko will ever tire of specifying the whereabouts of his home court, nor of comparing the geography of the park to God’s cupped hands.

That said, it’s not like he and his partner won their set this morning. Nor did Marko play out of his mind terrific. But he played, and I would venture further to say he low-key frolicked with the tennis friends who aren’t on his tennis team.

Yes, I will say that Marko is plenty happy to have so many tennis friends.

Is he just happy or is he blessed?

Oh, he is most definitely blessed.

P.S. The accompanying image signifies how Marko took his 7th-period class out to play Whiffle ball for 12 minutes for a break during finals on Friday. He also brought out his jumbo speaker so they could bask in a set consisting of “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz, “Santeria” by Sublime, and “Is This Love?” by Bob Marley & the Wailers. There was a heartwarming combination of swatting and milling about.

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